What is Bloom?

Simply put, Bloom is complete websites, specifically built for ministries, powered by
WordPress. Bloom is about utilizing the web and technology to share the Gospel.

Bloom was created to help churches further the message of the Gospel through the web. In 2015, we started 95 West, with a goal of building websites for ministries and enabling them to use the Web as a platform for reaching their congregations and communities. In 2015 we created 100 websites as 95 West. Mid-way through the year, the vision for Bloom came about. Bloom comprehensively solves a ministries needs on the web. It starts with excellent design and ends at complete functionality for forms, podcasts, events and the list continues to grow. Bloom is for ministry, Bloom is for you!

Bloom still has the same vision as 95 West: to utilize the the Web to empower ministries to further the message of the Gospel. While that is the primary mission, there's more to it than that. We want to see high quality websites hitting the internet. We want Churches to stand out amongst the noise of websites. We want Churches to represent Christ well, not just in their physical spaces, but also in their digital space.

-- We are excited to serve you!

Will you help us transform 1000 churches in 2016?

We want to reach 1000 churches with new websites in 2016. We believe we can get there with your help. In the first quarter of 2016, our goal is to give away roughly 100 websites to ministries and complete 100 paid websites. The paid websites will help us fuel our vision for Q2, which is to repeat this again and give away another 100 websites. 

We are asking you to partner with us by referring other ministries to Bloom. As our membership grows, it gives us the backing to continue to innovate for you and provide always improving web platforms and experiences that excite people toward Jesus. We are praying for you and your ministries.